“I want her to be a part of my life” -said Siddharth Sukla.


“I want her to be a part of my life” -said Siddharth Sukla.


Television reality show Big Boss season-13 winner Siddharth Sukla and his co participant Sahnaz Gill were liked by viewers a lot. This pair was a hit among the viewers of this show. Siddharth Sukla was not only famous for his aggressive fight with Rashim Desai and Ashim Riyaz, he was also famous for his chemistry with Sahnaz among his fans, and he used to have a special place in the hearts of his fans. Even after the end of the show, this pair is in the news. In between what is going on in media, Siddharth Sukla gave the statement that he would like Sahnaz to be a part of his life. This statement of Siddharth is creating a buzz in the media.


After winning the show, Siddharth Sukla said he would like to remain a part of Punjabi singer Sahnaz Gill’s life always. He said, Sahnaz will always remain a friend for him. He accepted that it will be difficult to keep in touch with Sahnaz now, but whenever he gets an opportunity, he will contact her. Before this, Sahnaz Gill declared that Siddharth Sukla is her best friend and also spoke about future plans. Sahnaz Gill said, she wants to give a name to her son which will reflect a warriors character. On this, Siddharth jokingly said, “Why don’t you name him Knife ?”. Few days back a romantic video of this pair, where both were dancing went viral in social media. In the ‘Mirchi Music Awards’ 2020 performance video, both were seen dancing in each others arms.


After watching this pair, their fans named them ‘Sidnaz’ and the Hashtag was a trend in social media.

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