PPFA demands stringent punishments to J&K murders of teachers


Guwahati: Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) demands stringent punishment to the culprits involved with the recent incident of killing two teachers in Jammu & Kashmir. The forum of nationalist citizens lamented that the shooting down of the non-Muslim teachers after separating them from the other staff is nothing but a rerun of Kashmiri Pandits’ tragedy in 1990.
Mentionable is that in the early hours of Thursday, four gun totting radicals entered into the premises of the government boy’s higher secondary school at Iddgah Sangam area of Srinagar and singled out the principal Supinder Kour and teacher Deepak Chand after compelling them to show their identity cards.
The terrorists then shot down the Sikh lady principal (Kour), a resident of Alochi Bagh area in the city, and the Hindu teacher (Chand), a resident of Jammu locality, in cold blood. Within minutes the rebels left the premises spreading shock waves to the citizens.
There are also reports that the anti-national elements are identifying the people who joined the last Independence Day celebrations on 15 August after abrogation of Article 370 from J&K redefining it a union territory. PPFA has urged Union home minister Amit Shah to take stern actions against the culprits as they are propagating anti-Bharat agendas with violent means targeting the unarmed civilians.
“During the Nineties, many insurgents of northeast Bharat also banned the celebrations o I-Day and Republic Day in the region. They also threatened to target those who attend both the auspicious occasions. However, many nationalist citizens dared to disagree the diktats of armed militants,” said the PPFA statement adding that many members of the forum were termed as ‘enemy’ to locals.
However, the PPFA along with a handful organizations like Assam Public Works, Journalists’ Forum Assam, etc started hoisting the Tri-colour national flag at the premises of local press club. Unfortunately, many editor-journalists of the region also took side with the militants, though they later realised their mistakes and reformed themselves.

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