February 24, 2024
Ram Janmabhumi

Gist of Ram Janambhumi cases

        Gist of Ram Janambhumi cases

In the year 1928 when Mir Baqi a Mughal commander of Babur  demolished the Ram Mandir (as hindu are witnessed) and constructed Babri Masjid. Mandir is the Hindus spiritual place.After Independence Indian Hindus would like to manifest their national spiritual pride “Ram Janam Bhumi” and would like to acquire this place . Then against party question that you first prove that this is Ram births place. Entire matter of issue is on one line” What exist prior, was temple demolished to make Masjid or Masjid was constructed on plain land” Four cases were filed

  1. Jan 1950 Gopal Singh Bisharad ,he told that inside the locked place Ram Lalla statue is their. I am the worshiper of Ram Lalla . I need to have to have worship here every day. Any government or administration can’t instruct me to do so. He was granted injunction that he can do worship Without any interference.
  2. Next case 1959, Nirmohi Akhare he told that we handle administration of this place years after years so remove the government receivers and allow us to take all donations and give us the management.
  3. Third case “Sunni Waqf Board” in 18 Dec 1961 they file petition on this issues that “ Declare this place to be public Mosq ,remove the idols ,clean the ground to be graveyard.
  4. Fourth case 1986 ,1987 this the Main case of the Ram Lalla next friend Devki Nandan Agarwal. Hindu believes Ram Lalla  Murti is not only the simple stone statute ,when we chanting mantra  automatically it gets life. That is the system Pran Pratishtha. So Ramji  can also filed the case . But as Ram Lalla was minor he can’t filed the case so his next friend Devki Nandan Agarwal filed the case( This the important turn out)

Devki Nandan Agarwal quoted that “ I  am Ram Lalla next friend ,this is my birth place, here we have our Mandir.Mandir was demolished from my land “

All four cases were clubbed and clubbed cases were continued in Allahabad High Court till 1992. After 1992

  1. 1992 6 of October Babri Masjid was Demolished.
  2. 7 Jan ,67 arc of disputed area was acquired by govt.
  3. In 1993 an Ayodhya Native “Ismail Faruki” told this is my land . Masjid land can’t be acquired .
  4. 1 and ½ year debate and arguments are going on.
  5. No1994 three judges bench decision that Mandir, Masjid , Guruduwara every place are on same level so it be acquired for public interest.

(Masjid is not essential to Islam. Namaz can be offered any where)

  1. In the 2003 Allahabad High Court ordered ASI(Archaeological Survey of India) to take photographs of under land via RADAR.
  2. ASI reported that land has ancient Hindu temple.
  3. 30th Sep 2010 Allahabad High court told that ,Hindu temple was demolished to make Masjid. Masjid was constructed against the tenants of Islam and told them to free the land.
  4. Sunni waqf Board case was dismissed, Nirmohi Akhare’s case was also dismissed. Ram Lalla wins the case.

Matters Dismissed no relief is granted.

Then twist was observed , court decided to partition this area into three parts 1/3 for Ram Lalla, 1/3 for Sunni waqf Board and 1/3 for Nirmohi Akhare. Partition is the case to Judge the case  from that day to till 2017 case was pending.

Now from the 2017 Case gets the induction New devlopment came out . Yogi Govt dedicately  handled this matter. Now Supreme Court dismissed all mutual understanding process. 144 has been imposed. Verdict has been given by the Honorable chief justice of India । He allowded to construct the Mandir at the original place.

Ram Lalla Ayenge Mandir wahi Banayege.

After reading the Article do react on it ।Is gist  important information for You?.

Gaurab K Deka

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