Cong wants to connect people through hatred

Raipur, September 12

RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Dr. Manmohan Vaidya said that Sangh was committed to carve self-reliant Bharat with a Bharatiya economic model that is human centric, labour-intensive, and eco-friendly.

“Discussions were held on the initiatives for the same at the Akhil Bharatiya Samanvay Baithak 2022,” Dr. Vaidya said while briefing the media persons about the outcome of the three-day meeting held in Raipur. Besides, the meeting also emphasized decentralization, equitable distribution of benefits, village economy, micro-scale, small-scale, agriculture-based industries and women’s empowerment.

In all, 36 organisations and over 240 representatives from the RSS-inspired organisations attended the meeting.

He added that on the occasion of Amrit Mahotsav of India’s independence, all the inspired organisations discussed expanding the work for self-reliance. While the Grahak Panchayat decided to promote local goods, the Swadeshi Jagran Manch focused on creating a new measurement system to measure the Indian economy, not only taking GDP as the standard.

Bharatiya Kisan Sangh gave its views regarding the promotion of organic agriculture. In India, it is not only a matter of treating diseases of the body, the Indian system of medicine is also refined and advanced. In the present situation, Arogya Bharati thought of holistic therapy and spoke on working on it.

Dr. Vaidya said using the Indian language in the functioning of the judiciary also came up for discussion. He added that 75 years of independence have been completed and various organizations has contributed to mark the event with patriotism.

Over 2 lakh students of the Shaikshik Mahasangh (educational institutions) performed programs. Sanskar Bharati sang Vande Mataram, performed 75 plays across the country. Similarly, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad hoisted the National Flag at more than 87,000 places.

He said in the freedom struggle, all the regions and classes of the entire country have participated. “Swadeshi of India is a similar word in Swaraj. In the coordination meeting, discussions took place on self-connecting everyone. The essence of India is spirituality and the way of life has swayed everyone’s life. God is one, path is different, action is acceptable to all, India has a culture that celebrates diversity,” he said.

He said that Swayamsevaks were working in various sections of society, including students, labour, farmers and so on. Sangh is in the work of consolidating the entire society and an aware society will solve problems.

Bharat has historically not been a welfare state and, whenever necessary, the society has sought assistance from the government and Rabindranath Tagore expressed the same in his ‘Swadeshi Samaaj’. The King did not hold the responsibility of the entire system. He looked after only the army, foreign policy and administration. The society was responsible for the rest of the work. “We have seen this element of society in the COVID period. Millions of people came out and worked together. Similarly, the purpose of life in India is the same by combining material progress and spiritual advancement. The above three together unite India,” he added.

Speaking about the expansion of Sangh, he said that the work is spreading world-wide and a huge increment in the number of shakha’s is being seen. A lot of youth had shown their interest to join Sangh via the website (Join RSS). Between 2017 and 2021, over 1.25 lakh requests had come while in the first eight months of the year, about 90,000 youths had wished to join RSS.

Responding to a question on Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, Dr. Vaidya said the Congress wanted to connect people through hatred and political gimmickry that would not serve purposes of uniting masses.

He said Congress harboured hatred for RSS and tried to prevent it but the outfit expanded with the support of society. “If anyone does a job of connecting people of India it’s a good thing but how do you connect through hatred or love? The spiritual identity of India is called Hindutva in the world. Hindutva is not a religion. ..If anyone tries to unite the country by recognizing the element that associates people in true sense, then he/she is welcomed”.