Guwahati:PrimeMinister Narendra Modi on Friday attended the closing ceremony ofthe year-long celebration of 400th birth anniversary of 17th centuryAhom armygeneralLachit Barphukan held at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. CongratulatingStatechiefminister Himanta Biswa Sarma for successful conduct of the three-daycelebration in the national capital, PMModi exudedconfidence this would prove decisive in ensuring Lachit Barphukan’ssaga of courage, valour and patriotism don’t remain limited to theboundaries of Assam alone but spread across lengths and breadths ofthe nation. Modistated that for ages, there has been a conscious attempt from certainquarters at portraying the history of India as that of defeat andsurrender. Attempts at celebrating the saga of unsung heroes such asLachit Barphukan are going to prove fruitful in undoing the harm thedistorted history-telling has caused to the pride of the Indiancitizens.Suppressingthe self-esteem of the Indians was an agenda of the colonial Britishregime and distortion of history was one of the means to further it,Modistated addingall must now come together to ensure history is presented in itstruest sense. Referringto Lachit as the greatest patriot of his era who continue to inspireall to dedicate their lives towards protection of national honour,ModisaidLachit Barphukan’s motto of NationFirstis exactly the motto on which the Naya Bharat is being administered.Expressinghis gratitude to Modi,Assam’s CM saidhis presence inthe function wouldbe extremely helpful in transforming Lachit Barphukan into ahousehold name across the country, like that of Chatrapati Shivaji.Sarmaexudedconfidence Lachit Barphukan would be accorded his rightful place inhistorical discourses in days to come, as more and more people areintroduced to the valour of the great warrior.Hestatedthat had it not been for Lachit Barphukan, the present geo-politicaland cultural identity of not Assam alone but that of the entiresoutheastAsia would have been different from what they are today. Sarmaexpressed hope thatthe400th birth anniversary celebration of the great mediaeval erawarrior in NewDelhi wouldbe a significant step towards drawing the attention of the currentgeneration intellectuals and historians towards Lachit Barphukan.Inpresence of AssamGovernor Jagdish Mukhi, Union minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Stateminister PijushHazarika, Assam legislativeassemblyspeakerBiswajit Daimary, RajyaSabha memberRanjan Gogoi, ParliamentarianTapanGogoi, Sarmaalsoexpressed his gratitude towards the people of Assam for theirwholehearted support and co-operation in the year-long celebration.