Kochi. Insulting Hindu gods, and raising questions over the Hindu culture is an old habit of the CPM leaders. Following the habit, Kerala’s CPM leader, K Mukundan, has stroked controversy by passing insulting comments about Lord Ayyappa on social media.

K. Mukundan is the branch secretary of Mundakappadam. Taking Facebook, Mukundan wrote, that Lord Ayyappa was born out of an unnatural relationship between two men. He said that people who worship the deity are frauds.

As soon as his post goes viral, it triggers controversy and netizens started trolling Mukundan over social media.

Following this, Mukundan deleted his post from his Facebook page and apologised for the same. He said that he realised that his remarks have hurt the sentiments of worshippers of Lord Ayyappa and that he made a mistake in a particular situation that should have never happened.

“I understand that a post I made the other day hurt the believers of Iswara, I retracted that post and apologized to those who were hurt, I was caught in a special situation, I know it should never have happened, once again I humbly apologize to everyone,” Google Translation of his Malayalam post reads.