Kochi (VSK). Since the last couple of months Kerala streets are tumultuous. Because wherever CPM supremo and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan goes, he is ‘welcomed’ with black flags and protests. No need of asking for the reason, because, they are infinite. Alleged involvement of gold smuggling, alleged disproportionate assets of his daughter, interrogation of his confidants by ED and police custody of some of them, alleged malpractices in the distribution of Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF), nepotism of ruling apparatus, mismanagement in running universities, shameful academic ambience, alleged corruption of CPM Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram municipal corporation, etc….etc. are allegations the protestors raise.

But the democratic protests invited the wrath of the Vijayan’s regime. And, his reaction is obviously not democratic at all, but, fascist. Workers of BJP, BJYM, Mahila Morcha and Congress and coalition partners of Opposition Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) do face inhuman police torture. Women and youths are charged with not only water cannon and tear gas but also, they were lathi-charged in the worst manner. In couple of cases, there were allegations of women protestors dragged by male policemen.

Chief minister looks like panic-stricken hence he travels in a convoy of nearly 40 vehicles and good number of commandos, BJP and UDF allege. Vehicles, in the convoy, run excessively fast. Interestingly ‘black colour’ is a taboo in his route. Not even black mask is permissible, let alone black costumes. Recently a lady journalist was stopped from entering the venue of CM’s programme as she wore black mask. Black dress is anathema wherever CM is present.

Now, here is the photographic evidence of BJYM state committee member Jamun Jahangir being tortured by the police in an unprecedented style of torture.