Kochi. On Monday, the Kerala Police ADGP MR Ajith Kumar said that the police have invoked the UAPA against Shahrooq Saifi, the accused in the Elathur train arson case. He stated that the police have clear evidence that Shahrooq committed the crime, and he is a highly radicalized person who often watched videos of people like Zakir Naik and Israr Ahmed.

According to the ADGP, Saifi came to Kerala with the intention of committing a crime. He further added that the police are investigating to find out if he had received help from others.

The police took Shahrooq into custody two weeks ago and invoked the UAPA against him just as the custody period is about to end. The ADGP’s statement sheds light on the radicalization process that Shahrooq Saifi underwent, which led to his involvement in the heinous crime.

The Elathur train arson case occurred in February 2022, in which a train was set on fire in Kozhikode district. The police have been working to find those responsible for the crime and bring them to justice.