May 18, 2024

Kollam, Kerala. Reports from Kollam suggest that a Bharatiya Army soldier was assaulted by people allegedly belonging to Popular Front of India. He was manhandled in brutal manner. Not only that, they tore his shirt and inscribed “PFI” on his back. The incident, happened on Sunday night, has been reported from Chanappara, Kadaikkal, Kollam district. Its image has been distributed too, reports say. Shine belongs to the Electronics and Mechanical (EME) cadre of Bharatiya Army station in Rajasthan. Two men took him by force from his residence and started to assault. The attackers started the attack by kicking him from behind. Then, bound his hands behind with cello tape and started to assault again. Afterwards, they fled the scene. Reports suggest that police have not registered the case despite the complaint. The soldier reported to have said that the incident would be reported to the Pangode Military Station.

Now, more disturbing reports come, regarding PFI, from Kerala. Latest news suggest that the Police Cyber Cell Sub Inspector Rijumon has been suspended for leaking official secret information to the outlawed Popular Front of India. Suspension is reported to be in the wake of the NIA’s findings. Rijumon was working in Kottayam East Police Station. NIA has been closely watching the people, in the eastern zone of the district, belonging to the banned organisation. NIA had gathered evidences for leaking information to the PFI people. And, he was suspended.

This incident came close on the heels of the suspension of Civil Police Officer for leaking secret information, from Karimannoor Police Station, Thodupuzha, Idukki didstrict, to the banned PFI leaders.

The presence of terrorist links is shocking. BJP leader N. Hari said that if the terrorists in the police and bureaucracy are not brought before the law, the state would have to face grave disasters in the days to come. He added that there are religious extremists’ slaves in Kerala Police. They are waging war against the country. He drew the people’s attention to this terrible and dreadful situation. The office of terrorist links worked in Kottayam, a district of temple, churches and festivals. Therefore, there is every reason to worry about the safety and security of the ordinary Hindus and Christians. Keralites cannot forget Sub Inspector Shajahan who leaked official e-mail, from the police headquarters, to ISIS terrorists. He alleged that it was the Pinarayi Vijayan regime who promoted and pampered him. Khaki-clads still sitting safe in Crime Branch and Special Branch. Some years back, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) was alleged to have terror links; he was transferred and he joined in Kottayam!

Hari alleged that fundamentalists rule the roost in the state police, because, they are sure, if at all they are caught, they would be protected; past experience speaks it out.

Meanwhile, NIA has taken into custody Saheer Turkey, another Keralilte, in connection with the IS terrorist module. He belongs to Mannarkkat, Palakkad district. He is the fellow traveller of Nabeel Mohammed nabbed by NIA a few weeks back. Nabeel was caught while trying to flee the country via Nepal. Police raided Saheer’s house after taking him into custody from there. Police confiscated digital and other evidences for his terror links. NIA has also found that Saheer had organised, for Nabeel, underground shelter, sim card and money for leaving Kerala.

NIA had earlier found that a team including Keralites had tried to launch IS activities in the state. The team had formed a Telegram Group called “Pet Lovers”. The team had plotted to loot the temples and kill RSS-BJP-Christian leaders in Thrissur and Palakkad districts. NIA had registered the case in this regard. Consequently, Nabeel went underground. Saheer, now in police custody, had made arrangements for Nabeel. Nabeel lived in a lodge room hired in the name of Saheer. NIA had got hold of documents and CCTV visuals in this regard. Saheer is being interrogated in NIA centre in Kochi. Saheer gave money to Nabeel for staying in Tamil Nadu. NIA tries to collect information from him regarding the spread of the IS module. Apart from Nabeel Thrissur native Ashif, T. Shiyas and Palakkad native Rayees had been arrested during the last few months.

According to the latest reports, NIA has raided twelve houses in Thrissur, Ernakulam and Malappuram districts, including the house of the former PFI state president Latheef Pokkokkillam. Latest raids are reported to be in connection with the case registered in Delhi.

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