February 24, 2024

With a three-day program, the first Pragjyotishpur Literary Festival has begun at the District Library Auditorium near Dighalipukhuri in Guwahati from today. “The opening ceremony of Pragjyotishpur Literary Festival, which began with a basic mantra “Xhipinir Xhondhanot” means “in-search of roots”, was attended by National Book Trust Chairman Milind Sudhakar Marathe, Padma Shri awardee Lil Bahadur Chetri, renowned journalist Rubika Liyaquat, eminent Konkani litterateur Bhushan Bhave, Jawaharlal Nehru University Professor Dr. Anshu Joshi and many others.

The event began with the lighting up of the earthen lamp by Shri Phanindra Kumar Deb Choudhury, President, Pragjyotishpur Literary Festival Organizing Committee. The main opening ceremony began after the performance of Saraswati Vandana performed by teachers and students of Shankardev Vidya Niketan of Birubari, a Chorus song by Shilpi Samaj of Tezpur, Bhor-Tal dance by Banalata Baishy’s Sadhana Shilpi Samaj.

In his welcome address, Phanindra Kumar Deb Choudhury, President of the Organizing Committee, one of the most popular litterateurs of the State, spoke about the main aims and objectives of the Pragjyotishpur Literary Festival. President Deb Choudhury gave an explanation on the main theme of Pragjyotishpur Literary Festival. Criticising the tendency to deface our literature with foreign theories, President Deb Choudhury lamented the mentality of ignoring the culture of Indian ancient civilization. President Deb Choudhury lamented that even among the highly educated people of our society, there is a tendency to undermine the heritage of ancient times.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Pragjyotishpur Literary Festival, renowned national level journalist Rubika Liyaquat also spoke about the strong roots of Indian civilization and culture. She clearly mentioned that, for her, the motherland i.e. India first and next is the religion. Rubika Liyaquat makes an important comment by recalling the history of her ancestors. She mentions the names of her seven ancestors and says, ” definitely there were some pandits before”. Noting that the ancestors of Indian Muslims are part of the same Indian roots, journalist Rubika Liyaquat stressed on strengthening this core root. He says that trees will give good results only when the roots are strong.

Speaking as the Chief Guest, Milind Sudhakar Marathe, Chairman, National Book Trust stressed on the need for literature to be welfare-oriented. According to Marathe, wherever the benefit of society is seen, there is literature. In his speech, the educationist lamented that for unknown reasons, some writers started misleading his own people. Criticising such a colonial mentality in harsh language, Marathe, chairman of the National Book Trust, made a clarion call in his speech – to study the facts prior to 1925.

The opening ceremony concluded with “Bharat Vandana” performed by dancer Dr. Mallika Kandali and her disciples.

Two important session discussions:

Two sessions were held today at Pragjyotishpur Literature Festival. Prof. Jyotirmoy Pradhani of North Eastern Hill University, Dr. Namita Devi, Professor, Department of History, Barbhag College attended the first session discussion on “The Rhetoric of Empowerment: The Study of History in search of roots” conducted by Prof. Yogesh Kakati. Eminent Konkani litterateur Bhushan Bhave participated in the second session discussion titled “Exploring Tradition through Literature”, Professor of JNU Dr. Anshu Joshi, eminent historian of Assam Dr. Robin Sharma. Senior journalist Naba Thakuria conducted the discussion.

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