February 24, 2024

Another case of non-payment of welfare pension comes to light, as an elderly couple, Shivadasan and Omana, started a protest by displaying a placard stating readiness for mercy killing.

Shivadasan and Omana, residents of a tribal community in Adimali of Idukki District, have taken to protesting after enduring months of unpaid welfare pension. Omana, who is differently abled, and her 72-year-old husband Shivadasan, battling various ailments, find themselves in an insecure financial situation due to not having their pension support.

The couple who were running a small shop previously are now facing financial crisis, having to close down their shop. Deprived of their sole source of income, they are compelled to borrow money just to afford essential medications, which amounts to Rs 3,000 monthly. Their desperate circumstances have led them to publicly declare their readiness for euthanasia.

This incident follows a similar demonstration by a 90-year-old woman named Ponnamma from Vandiperiyar, who staged a protest by sitting in the middle of the road after being denied her old-age pension. Ponnamma’s solitary demonstration lasted for approximately two hours until police intervention brought an end to her protest.

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